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Welcome to my blogcast, which is a combination of a blog and a podcast where I will cover subjects related to the model- and entertainment lifestyle and everything that comes with it. For those that love to read, look out for storytimes, tip&tricks and spiritual-mindfullness. 

Warning: my raw and unfiltered content might frighten or trigger those that are easily offended or lack comprehensive reading skills. Please click off and don’t come back.

I'm very excited to share my stories with you all! ♡ Victoria Mabelle 


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Blog 1: Hiatus + Intro Biography Series

During my 12 years in the modeling entertainment industry, I have seen and experienced the good the bad, and the ugly, and that affects you personally if you like it or not although it also blesses you with a lot of human- and general knowledge and wisdom.
Even though I think that depends on your character.
Meaning, that if you’re a person who’s eager to learn and analyze and self-reflect then yes but if not, then it’s another story.

I don’t consider myself the latter because I came into the industry with a lot of human- and general knowledge and wisdom sadly obtained (too early) by life experiences. So in my case, I’ve got 99 private life problems and what comes with the (modeling) industry ain’t one.
My private issues outweigh my public ones as those are hitting me harder.
So hard that, God called me to take a hiatus and do some introspection which led to this new venture.

I know there is this unspoken rule/etiquette, especially for a woman, that you should not speak about your private life or personal things and I understand why because the lesser people know the better and we are living in a world where everything you say will be used against you or even worse people will take advantage of what they think is your weakness based on what you have published or revealed about yourself.

But I think that if in history everybody had adhered to or abide by these unspoken rules /etiquettes, there would not have been history- and religious books or simply newspapers. Also, all these movements and initiatives are based on real-life experiences.
So what I’m trying to say, is that some of us are just meant to journal the happenings on our life path for reasons that we might not understand yet but in the future will.

What a lot of people don’t know is that I have always been a writer I think I wrote at least 10 halfway-ready books meaning I started writing and just became demotivated or distracted for some reason. So I figured if I just blog my past, current, or recent thoughts on life, then it’s like writing a book but it’s just on my own time in my own space in my own little way.

Since I know myself better than anybody, OK scratch that.
Besides God I am the only one who knows myself best and by saying that I know that I am better at writing things down than speaking on things and I just feel called to write so that’s how this blog that you’re now reading is coming to pass.

This blog will be written in a biographical way relevant to the modeling lifestyle.
It’s going to be personal, spiritual, and philosophical. But no it’s not my Diary.
And I am apologizing in advance to everyone who’s taken offense to this blog.
I offer you to press the X on the screen and avoid reading any further. Anyway…

With that being said, even though I’ve been raised very religiously I don’t directly subscribe to any. I rather refer to myself as a spiritual person meaning that I believe in God, I believe in a higher power but I think that that relationship is very personal.
And on my now 8-year-long personal spiritual journey, I learned that everything happens for a reason. Even you reading my blog is for a reason.

That’s why I decided to not post it on social media but to use my website instead. In that way, I know that whoever clicks on this blog or the future ones will do that because they felt drawn to it consciously or subconsciously whether they like me or not.

So again everything happens for a reason.

I’ll will kick this blog off with “the Biography Series”, so you could get to know me better.

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