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Blog 7: The Setback vs The Comeback

We’ve all seen a or our favorite artist or public figure go through a challenging, difficult, and sometimes dark phase in their life.
And while one makes it out scot-free, the other has a harder time getting back on their feet. Some don’t make it out at all.650e40376c23b7dba9e396eb4f92a2c3.jpg

What makes the difference ? I also wondered and thought about that.
So that’s what this blog is about.

A lot of times, when an artist falls from grace or hits rock bottom, they find themselves in a state of depression. Often, people are like, “But they have fame, money, and fans. They’ve got to travel and see the world; what else do they need?”

“Or they say, “Yes, it’s because of” that” world and lifestyle they live in.”

Honestly, when I see or hear people in comment sections putting their only 2 cents they got in their name into business, they will NEVER understand if they themselves don’t live that lifestyle. I really have to restrain myself from arguing with random people online.

I, as a public figure, can personally relate to those statements, and I think I speak for almost everyone that is in the spotlight in some way when I say that whenever a fellow public figure publicly goes through whatever mess… We silently emphasize with them. Because we recognize certain patterns whit in our own lives or eventually will,

For example, entitled friends or family members that are overburdening you1581174198740.jpeg.jpg

So, personally, I learned how valuable it is to be surrounded by real, genuine love when living the so-called glitz and glam lifestyle as a public figure in the industry. Many of us realize that a little late because we don’t have the right support system coming into the industry, meaning that we are basically on our own and have to figure it out as we go.

Most of the time, the people who are close to you can trigger you the most. Because you can close yourself off from public opinions, you can kind of detach yourself from your public persona. And you expect that you can be your vulnerable self around the people you hold close to your heart.

Besides that, you are still human, so getting love from those you consider family or friends is important and holds a certain weight in one’s life.
When they cause you hurt in any way, or you see them hurt, it hits differently as you take it personal.

In that case, one’s biggest enemy isn’t the industry; it’s the people you surround yourself with, the ones that know you personally and intimately, your inner circle.

So what are the signs? What to look out for?

We can all agree that with lots of sunshine comes lots of rain.

Life should be getting better based on the quality of people you surround yourself with, especially in your private circle. But if that doesn’t happen, you’ve got to start taking a closer look at who exactly is around you, because energy is real and not everybody wants to see you win.

Mostly, it’s someone you don’t expect because you expect those you hold dear to yourself to be happy and want well for you. Those are the blind spots.

So who’ve you got in front of you?

Let’s put it this way:They say you are what you eat, right? Now, what if we measured friendships and close relationships by eating habits?ce67f8_66b5383ebdcd4cdcb08dcec3f51a9c01~mv2.jpg

Think about it, are you surrounded by stressed chickens or organic, biological chickens?

And sometimes it starts by realizing you are the stressed chicken in a biological chicken’s life.

In modern terms, I believe it’s called self-reflection. Being able to self-reflect is one of the most beautiful qualities in a person, if you ask me.

Because in order to be honest with the outside world, one must be honest on the inside with oneself. 

That’s the difference between an artist or public figure who victoriously makes it out of their dark phases in life vs those who don’t.

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