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Blog 8: Selfreflection, a spiritual journey

It’s very important to know yourself. Most of us don’t, or eventually realize we never did. One of those reasons is often because we refuse to take a good, clean look in the mirror, which could result in some unpleasant situations that might have been avoided if we actually did. Maybe the ego was in the way?FB_IMG_1701322319282.jpg

Self-reflection to me is a spiritual thing, an agreement between you and your (higher) self, or as some would call it, “the intuition”, which to me is nothing more than your higher self (spirit) communicating with you. And by doing so, you probably finally decided to listen.

Discernment is created—a primary need in the life of a human being, if you ask me.

When you actively start to act on your insights, you’re basically on a spiritual journey.  That’s where I found myself eight years ago.

As I mentioned in my previous blogs.
I was brought up Christian - Pentecostal, and I have attended the church ever since I can remember. My life experiences made me stray from church dogma. 
Although I always kept believing in God, the way I view God became something personal. My views actually became broader. And no, that doesn’t make me anti- anything.

I’m sure that if religious folks read my stories, they would say, “You were protected by Jesus and nothing else, Vic.” And let’s say I accept that. Could it also be that maybe Jesus was busy and told Nana in heaven to assist me with my issue? I mean, I would understand that saving the world must be tiring and exhausting. (I mean no disrespect)
“Yes, but we are not Jesus”. I know his lifestyle should equally reflect yours in how you should be and react…

Okay, so when we are self-reflecting, we often need something to measure our experiences and feelings against. Religion could be a great tool for that.
Unfortunately, my mind is too philosophical to use just one path as a measuring tool.

I look at the Bible in the same way I look at my cultural folkloric (mythical) stories that were historically passed down from generation to generation until someone decided to write them down. 
We don’t know if it really happened, but the moral of the story is that there is something you should or could learn from it. 
I don’t recommend saying this in church, because yeah… Anyway.
The spiritual journey is an ongoing one, it’s not something you can click off at the end of the day. It’s like opening Pandora’s box, because even if you decide one day that you no longer care about bettering yourself, you’ll somehow be reminded of the fact that once you look at yourself and accept that there’s work to do,

Quitting is nothing more than putting yourself in a state of denial.

And the state of denial is basically a battle against the ego, which in return can become a spiritual war.
It’s like a sickness vs. a cure. Once a sickness is diagnosed, a cure can be found. 
You can refuse curing for as long as you want. Staying sick at this point becomes a choice.

Ego and self-reflection go hand in hand, as they cannot exist without one another. 
You need to control your ego in order to be able to look at yourself with an objective eye.
And once you’ve reflected on yourself, you might need to make or take egoistic decisions and actions for the better.

So it’s a constant dance and the base of almost every learning process towards growth and ascension.

My spiritual journey has been about mastering self-reflection and controlling my ego. 
I got to practice a lot in my professional- and private life. Quite interesting and fun so far.


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