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Blog 9: When the spirit is at war


In the last blog, we spoke about self-reflection and how it coexists with the ego.

The moment you deny the promise you made to yourself to become your best version, you basically start a war with your ego. 
That’s a form of spiritual warfare. (Just a fancy term for inner conflict)

Spiritual warfare is mostly used in an esoteric sense. But there are levels to this ish.  
In this blog, which is part 1 of this subject, I will theorize it.

Many people go through spiritual warfare without knowing it. And I could recognize it in people, just as I could recognize it within myself.

It mostly starts with, again, self-reflection and the ego.

For example, if you are in a bad environment, of which you consciously know it is not or no longer serving you, and you refuse to take the needed action and make the right decisions, it will start to reflect on your wellbeing, your life, and therefore your spiritual health. If you stay in that bad environment for too long, you will find yourself in a “spiritual war field.”
How? Because of the cliché saying, “You attract what you are” (and fear btw). So if you are in that bad environment that’s full of people that are battling against their own egos, you will continue to attract more of the same plus situations that align with that same energy.

This falls back on The Setback vs. the Comeback blog that I wrote in regard to being aware of who and/or what you surround yourself with.

That only works if YOU yourself want to see it by being honest with yourself.

For example, we all know that one person who came out of a “toxic” relationship and started thriving. They got a healthy glow about them, and it’s like they became a whole new and vibrant person… That.

Or another one is the artist who is in a girl/boy band or group whose career takes off after going solo.

Let’s say the reflection of self is the light, and egoism is the dark. 
“Darkness” is the absence of light. The spiritual war field is only dark because of the suppressed light.

To survive that spiritual war field, you must blind everyone with your light by doing the right thing, taking the right actions, and making the right decisions. This can only come after deep self-reflection.

And the ego—that’s not the enemy as long as your relationship with it is healthy and balanced.Kermit.png

So, as long as you master your self-reflection against the ego, you will win every spiritual war. Because, as the great Pyrrhus (a Greek general and king in ancient times) said: “Sometimes you’ve got to lose a battle to win the war”.

Meaning, if the battle is the denial of that bad environment that you refuse to recognize as detrimental but, after self-reflection, eventually do, you might lose friends, places, or family that are actually not serving your highest purpose. But by doing so, you will be putting yourself in a better spiritual state, which in return attracts more of the same.

That might mean that you have to become a loner to either find your tribe or until you have grown into shining your light so brightly that the darkness won’t be so comfortable trying to overpower you.

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