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Blog 10: When the spirit is being attacked

I’m sure there is a chance that those who read Part 1 are like, “Uh, I have a different meaning to spiritual warfare?!”  Well, like I said, there are levels to this ish.

So let’s address it. 


Another way to describe spiritual warfare is from an esoteric perspective. 

It’s being mentioned in all religions and cultures.

From a religious perspective, it’s when dark forces or demons from “the devil” are bothering you spiritually.

From a spiritual (non-religious) perspective, it’s dark or negative energy overpowering your ability to self-reflect.

Both perspectives agree that it could be actively sent your way, also known as spiritual warfare caused by a spiritual attack. Which means that it’s caused by external influences.

It is said that some are more prone to becoming vessels for dark energy when their higher selves, a.k.a. intuition, aren’t (fully) developed and therefore lack a healthy relationship with their ego.  

For example, children. Why them? As they are unable to make the appropriate decisions and take the appropriate actions when they are (un)consciously aware of a negative situation or environment.  They don’t anticipate the consequences of their childlike mentality.

Think of a child who’s offered candy by a stranger with bad intentions and accepts it even though you taught them “stranger danger”. All children love candy.


We all know “dark things” can happen because of temptation, like with Eve and the snake in the Bible. Did Adam maybe follow Eve’s behavior of eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge because he was like,“ nahh if I don’t stand by wifey, she might leave me, and I’ll never find anyone as beautiful as her” ? Didn’t he trust that God could send him another wife if he did the right thing and stayed obedient? (I have so many questions, lol.)

As the first humans, they had no idea how bad things could get.

They had nothing or nobody to measure the consequences against. 

I think Adam and Eve are a great representation of a person, place, or situation in a childlike state.

The childlike state is easy prey for a dark energy or force to attack and cause a spiritual war. Which again is the battle of the ego against the higher self (intuition), a.k.a. inner conflict.

Religious people refer to that as being possessed by the devil or demon. 

Spiritual people refer to that as becoming a vessel for negative energy.

That’s why, in a lot of cultures, the children wear protective amulets against these things.

Besides that, we as humans collectively agree that we must protect children from certain things we presume to be bad, right?

Others that could be subjected to spiritual attack are vulnerable people because of life happenings like the loss of a loved one, sickness, or heartbreak.

Those that go through these kinds of situations have their guards down as they are in an emotional state, which puts the spirit in a state of dis-ease and disconnects with the (higher) self or intuition.

Last but not least, let’s not forget those who are simply on top of their game and have a lot of good things going for themselves. Those whose lights are shining bright

Or those that have self-reflected and decided that they actively want to work towards becoming the best version of themselves and turning their lives around. That’s when you get tempted and tested the most.


Spiritual warfare caused by spiritual attack manifests as a person, place, or situation becoming a nuisance in your life. If we relate this to the modeling and entertainment industries, we’re talking about all sorts and kinds of harassment and forms of bullying like smear campaigns, cancel culture, humiliation, sabotage, intimidation, gang stalking, theft, and plagiarism.

By bullying a person, you are attacking them spiritually, as you cause worry and distress in a person’s life and, therefore, their spirit. Which in return could turn into depression, for example. The bully is nothing more than someone who suppresses their own light and is therefore an easy host or vessel to be taken over by dark energy.

Thus, being bullied at work by your boss or colleagues is a form of spiritual attack. 


From a spiritual perspective, spirits, whether good or bad, are simply energy vibrations.

So, demons and “the devil” are seen as bad or dark energies. 

Feeling good energy means a positive spirit is surrounding you, the same goes for feeling bad energy.

So, spiritual warfare from a spiritual esoteric perspective manifests as dark energy trying to attach itself to your life when you are in a vulnerable state.

Again, the way to win the spiritual battle is to engage in self-reflection with a sane ego. 

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