Ne jamais sous-estimer la communication non verbale d'un artiste

Impressum: Relevant  CV & References 


Athens fashion gala 2023

Damiano Milano ss23 fashionshow   https://youtu.be/kjnXjR7H9Vo?si=STOVLSrfxPuiStY7

Floral beats event  hollidols x rayban swim/lingerie show Sept 2017 (exclusive/opening)

Opening Atzaro fashion festival for World Family ibiza 2017
Catwalk :
Pam hogg
De la Vali
Elephantasia london
Aquamarine Ibiza

Top Model Europe 2017 model competition top 10  https://www.funx.nl/fragmenten/null/e078e137-5dc6-469a-ae38-72677f8b80ad/2017-01-05-vic-toria-wil-de-eerste-black-dutchie-zijn-die-top-model-europe-wint


Sillage The Naked Perfumance "World premiere nude perfume catwalk" 2016  https://vimeo.com/189619229/description

Finale makeup awards 2015 "publics favorite"  https://youtu.be/QoF31Dab-KI

Africa Fashion Week Amsterdam 2015

The orange house "east meets west collection" 2014

Amsterdam Mercedes fashion week: opening Jacob kok 2014

Amfi fashion institute graduation show Alexander Hoering (exclusive)

World global music Festival 2013  catwalk Hakkan akkaya

Campaign Mobike Rotterdam Launch commercial 2017

Videoclip Ziggy Recado ft Million styles ' Easy' https://youtu.be/H1BiYvrF3xE

TV Appearance NPO1  " Rijdende Rechter" 2014


TV Appearance SBS6 "Mr Visser, Wordt u al geholpen"  2021                                                                                                                                                                                                              https://www.kijk.nl/programmas/wordt-u-al-geholpen/PwVXZ24t9Ou/seizoen/151550504050/afleveringen/video/empty_episode-wordt-u-al-geholpen-s1-e152-2021-04-06/KRqBHqI2Aj3                 

Commercial acting "interracial couple" Rijksoverheid Nederland  "normal is actually very special" 2020


TV show extra "Smoking lady in the jazz club"  NPO1 "This is us" S1E14 2020  

View This is us: Blaka Rosoe at https://www.npostart.nl/KN_1711749

Cinema extra "president candidate's assistant" Pathé  "Suriname" 2020

Tv show extra "Runway model" NPO1   "Detective van der valk" Finale S1E3 Death in Amsterdam 2020


TV show extra "Beauty Party Attendee" NPO1 "Klem" S3E19 2020 https://www.npostart.nl/BV_101401053

Commercial acting "Party People at the BBQ" Jumbo Super market Franchise European Soccer Championship Commercial 2021  https://youtu.be/qQtT4BraCsU

Tv show extra "Library lady"  Zapp "Verborgen verhalen" Rochelle deel 1 Nov 2021


Commercial acting "student meeting" Blikfilm "Universiteit Leiden" 2022 https://www.blikfilm.nl/werk/universiteit-leiden

Commercial acting "Portrait Model"  Nikon NIKKOR Z Campaign 2022


Cinema Extra "Ballet fan entourage" Pathé "Piece of my heart" 2022

• Art Exhibitions

Muse exhibition Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam for Yvonne Michiels Okt 2022

Muse  exhibition  de Passage Ronse, Belgium for Benny de Grove Okt 2022

Muse  exhibition " Opening galerij N61 "  Hoegaarden, Belgium for Rudi vandenbempt  April 2022

Muse  exhibition " Jaar van Van Eyck "  Sint Niklaas kerk Gent, Belgium for Benny de Grove Sept 2021

Muse  exhibition " Fotoclub Dow " Terneuzen, Holland for Jan Torfs Nov 2021

Muse  exhibition " Histoire de Femme " Lille, Belgium for Marc Delcluse Sept 2020

Muse  exhibition " Confessioni " Paris, France for Benny de grove Nov 2019

Muse exhibition  "Flora and the Water warriors" Belgium Jun 2019

Muse exhibition "power of the heart" New York for Benny de grove Feb 2019

Muse exhibition Fine art Nude "Black is Beautifull" by Bruno Cornil' Feb 2017 Sweets&Cheers Belgium

Magazine editorials/Interviews

Editorial "Je ne sais quoi " Redline magazine Feb 2023  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2410285

Cover/Editorial/Interview "Three of the Sea" Hollyway Magazine Sept 2022 https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2331714

Cover/Editorial "Mabelle" Le Desire Magazine June 2022  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2263944

Cover/Editorial "Give me my flowers" Untold Magazine B&W issue June 2022  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2262882

Editorial "Lightwork" 6x Media Magazine Glamour June 2022  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2258491?__r=3344413

Editorial "Noiré" Dominante French Magazine La Muses Édition Nov Volume 120 2021  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2115445

Editorial "The Gatekeeper" Edith Magazine Halloween Oct Issue 463 2021  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2092980?__r=1769065&s=w

Cover/Editorial "La reine de L'air et des Ombres"  Vigour Magazine Nude&Boudoir June Issue 6 2021


Editorial "Fever"  Art of Nude Magazine OctoberVolume 3 2020


Cover/Editorial/Interview "#iorestoacasa" City Milano May 2020                                                                            


Editorial "La Nubiana " Beyond All Magazine Dec Sensual N1 2019

Editorial  " It's in your hands " Feroce Magazine Nov Volume 8 2019

Cover / Editorial  "Meet me at the crossroads¨ Candy Mag Art Nudes India Sept 2019                                                     https://www.blurb.com/b/9634994-candy-mag-art-nudes

Cover/Editorial/Interview  Exito style magazine italy sept 2019                                                                                                      


Editorial "Noche Oscura" Picton Magazine June Sensual N1 2019    http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1618524

Editorial elegant magazine Feb 2019 beauty n•3 "Ces't entre tes mains"

Editorial/Interview for SKYN magazine "Divine Feminine"  Sept 2018

Cover/Editorial/Interview Cineclan magazine italy July 2018

Editorial short movie Cineclan magazine italy
"And her name was solitude" by Olof Wessels clothes by guess by marciano  and seafolly 

Cover/Editorial/Interview Break magazine Italia march 2018

Editorial Idole magazine 2017 spring fashion spread by Bernard Roucourd
Page 42-49

Cover/Editorial/Interview modellenland magazine 2017 february issue

Editorial Fashion ghana magazine

Editorial https://www.fashionghana.com/site/akwan2fo-fashion-shot-by-dauna-kraag/

Exclusive interview/Editorial Fab magazine online

Editorial fashionizing

Black styles Magazine 2013 print

Midwest black hair 2013 print


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