Never underestimate the non verbal communication of an artist


Acting and Producing 

After modeling for over 8 years my interest shifted into the visual art of film

 Cestmabellevictoire produces short art movies that will tingle the senses; where "bold", "sensual", "versatility"and "effortlessness" are key

  • Do you have an idea but don't know which way to go with your art directory, styling or "imagination of the viewer"? We will match the right creative team and take care of your production. 
  • Contact CMV for allround acting Jobs (commercial, movie and appearances) 

 "Let me create your reality"

 Muzing and Modelling  

Even though I am making a carrièreswitch, modeling is and will always be one of the ways I will artistically express myself. Through years of allround modeling my love for Fine Art photography grew and became my specialization. Through musin' I advocate to  break the taboos around The female Body and to create a conversation of acceptance, self love and artistic freedom.

  •  If you're looking to collaborate with someone who understands the silent language of art, you've found your muse! 
  •  Also book me for allround exclusive photoshoots/workshops and fashion events or brand promotion/partnerships  (*selective availablity

"Let me be your inspiration"


Coaching and consulting

 I am often contacted by aspiring models, photographers and/or other creative - visual artists that want to get into the industry but don't know where to start or what to do. Being beautiful with a good body will simply not cut it, buying a camera neither. Therefore I advice to invest in yourself by delving more into the theoretical side of the branch. I'm now Piloting my coaching and consulting services. 

  • If you would like to hear my honest thoughts, opinions and tips you can now book me for 1 hour one-on-one consultations (phone/skype/personal) fee 200,- payed via Paypal

I have not invented the wheel but I can give you practical tips and do's and dont's on;

  • How to build a portfolio (branding)
  • How to present yourself (marketing)
  • How to communicate and to carry yourself (etiquette
  • How to protect yourself (formalities)
  • How to prepare (selfcare)
  • But also how to feel comfortable in front (modelling) or behind the camera (photographers) during work

 If you're interested in my coaching and consulting services please contact me including a little motivation letter* in which you are shortly describing "what inspires you to get into the visual art industry" and " what you think/wish  I can help you with then we'll take it from there. (NL/ENG language only!)

*Mind you, I can give you the ingredients to the cake but you will have to bake it, it's in your hands! No matter the the lane in the branche, the principals stay the same...

"Let me guide you"